Ariccia is one of the most Important and characteristic towns of the “Castelli Romani” located just about 20 miles south of Rome; Ariccia was in the past already and important residential area for the noble families in Ancient Rome and later got its name from the many feudal castles present on this territory.

Particularly Ariccia, which was actually founded before Rome, is crossed by the ancient road “via Appia”, is famous today, not only for the presence of the monumental building “Palazzo Chigi” and for Bernini’s works which have a very important historical and architectural meaning, but also for the religious sanctuary of the “Santa Maria Di Galloro” and in the era of the “Girifuoriporta” (outdoor excursions), for the typical “fraschette” (wood branches) where it is possible to eat the traditional “Porchetta di Ariccia” gastronomical symbol of the town and culinary excellence known worldwide.