The “Porchetta di Ariccia” has always been known for its sapid meat and its color which varies from white to pink, its flavor and odor are enriched by the combination and particular use of rosemary, pepper and garlic during its preparation, and for the crunchiness of its outer layer which represents it particular and indisputable characteristic, obtained through a precise and proper cooking which remains crunchy even after several days.

The union between the meat’s fragrance and the crust’s crunchiness depends on the ability and skills of the “porchettari”, historical artisans who preserve the traditional mastery of such preparation and who are experts in the standard procedures of enriching ,binding and cooking the meat without compromising the animal’s shape in order to guarantee an extremely tasty and crunchy product. Thanks to all these well combined aspects, the “Porchetta di Ariccia” is a unique product which is known and appreciated worldwide.

Through the obtainment of the IGP- submitted to the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture, the productive process has been confirmed in a rigorous disciplinary production standard that guarantees the authenticity of the “Porchetta di Ariccia IGP” and it ensures its exclusivity, reserving the recognition exclusively to female pork of specific races, whose work phases respect and follow the conditions and requirements set by the specifications and whose production takes place exclusively in the town of Ariccia.