The Consortium

The consortium producers of Ariccia was officially established in 2004 at the peak of a collaboration between the main Porchetta Producers, initiated in previous years primarily to protect and valorize this specialty of the Ariccia territory, the fruit of the artisan wisdom passed down throughout the years, which risked being replaced and devalued by products which tried to imitate its characteristics. The fundamental results of this collaboration was the obtainment of the IGP denominationthrough the approval of a precise production standards and regulations which established and outlined the inescapable and fundamental characteristics of our “Porchetta di Ariccia” and defends its authenticity and exclusivity.

The later constitution of the Consortium represents the producers desire to valorize and spread the knowledge of this typical product in Italy and around the world, through an organizational and management model which preserves the artisan production characteristics and at the same time allows to optimize the synergies between the producers who must face the market and the investments necessary on an international scale.

The current members of the consortium, made up of the historical families of producers, represent 80% of the total production of the “Porchetta di Ariccia IGP” which is equal to more than 1,100.000kg produced in certified factories with the most advanced qualitative standards and subjected to rigid health and sanitary controls as well as rigid traceability processes in order to guarantee a product of excellent quality produced with the maximum health security standards for the customer