Historical Background

Ariccia’s porchetta boasts a millenary tradition; presumably dating back to the pre-romantic era and the latin population.Infact, not only do we attribute to Ariccia the origin of the priests who worked and prepared pork meat to offer in sacrifice in Giovelaziale’s temple near Monte Cavo, but it is also said that; thanks to the presence of the roman nobility in the course of history and of the normal custom to move to Ariccia for the summer season or to organize hunting events that we have been able to develop the artisan mastery in the porchetta preparation still present today and which continues to be passed down from father to son in the traditional ariccine families.

Recognition of IGP

The Porchetta of Ariccia is a cooked pork meat based product, typical of the Ariccia town located in the Roman province. Since June 14th 2011, the Porchetta of Ariccia has obtained the recognition of the IGP (protected geographical indication) on a European scale.